We are happy to receive poster abstracts from PhDs and Postdocs of the PSC community until the 3rd of October 2022. Four particularly exciting abstracts fitting with the topic of the Symposium will be chosen for flash talk presentations. In addition, there will be attractive poster awards for best posters! Please refer to the bottom of this page for the formal requirements of the abstracts.

Please submit abstract as a word file (docx). Abstracts must contain:

  • Title
  • List of authors with underlined first author
  • Affiliation of authors, including the department, the university and an email address
  • Abstract text not exceeding 350 words




Author 11, Author 22 , … and Author xx

1 Department 1, University 1, emailauthor1

2 Department 2, University 2, emailauthor2

x Department x, University x, emailauthorx

Abstract text …